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Shunn / Format / 4 One double space below your title, center your byline. This may seem like redundant information, since your name is already in the upper-left corner of the manuscript, but it’s not. The name in the corner is the person to whom the publisher will make out the check. The byline is the name that receives credit for the story when it appears in print. These are not necessarily the same. Perhaps your name is J. Scott Bronson but you publish fiction under the pseudonym Everett Stone, or perhaps you are a married woman publishing fiction under your birth name. Whatever the case, even if the two names are the same, both must appear on your manuscript. Begin the text of your manuscript two double spaces below your byline. The first line of every paragraph in your manuscript, including this first paragraph, should be indented one half inch from the left margin. (You can set tab stops or paragraph styles in your word processor to help with this.) Do not place extra line spaces between paragraphs, as is the common practice in blogs and other online writing. The first-line indentation is sufficient to indicate that a new paragraph has begun. Place a page header in the upper right corner of every page of your manuscript except the first. This header consists of your real surname, one or two important words from the title of your story, and the current page number. Do not place the header in the upper left corner because the editorial staff will sometimes clip your manuscript in that corner as they work on it.

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